EDS markers
SW-NE diagonal die scratch from the corner of E in LIBERTY; two SW-NE die scratches from the 1 in the date; many light nearly vertical die scratches can be seen through ERTY, in front of the face, through the date and IN GOD WE; die gouge below Lincoln coats tip near rim; additionally, near the rims, curved die scratches can be seen throughout the obverse.
Many horizontal die scratches can be seen through EPU and STATES; upper bays show many parallel die scratches (bays 56 are shown).
MDS markers
A long E-W die scratch below LIBERTY. NW-SE die scratches run from the rim through the G in GOD. Parallel NE-SW die scratches between the U and S of TRUST.
A die gouge runs NW from the roof below the 2nd dot of the motto. A small die gouge protrudes from the inside upper curve of the C in CENT. E-W die scratches over the N in CENT. A die dot shows in the field below the E of ONE. Reverse is MDS.
LDS markers
Die scratches run north from next to the 1 of the date. A die clash shows below the R of LIBERTY. Parallel die scratches run E-W next to the E of WE. VLDS shows an array of die scratches running in all different directions all over the obverse. All LDS markers are gone and doubling is mushy.
A die gouge under the BUS of PLURIBUS. Die scratches in the lower bays 3 and 4 of the memorial. Reverse is EDS. VLDS shows many die scratches, of note are the strong NW-SE diagonal die scratches that run through EPU.
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CONECA: 3-O-I-CW  |  Crawford:CDDO-003
Wexler: WDDO-003  |  FS#:1C-033.53
coin photographed is credited to Bob Piazza.

Strong CW rotated hub doubling seen on LIBERTY, IN GOD WE TRUST, Lincoln's coat and the date. Similar, but not as strong as, die 008.


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